The Vimes FEO Course

Built to suit the needs of not only FEOs, but also decision makers and senior leadership teams.

Covers all required areas now and future-proofed. Including supporting material on national decision model and investigative interviewing.

Our suite of interconnected courses includes those for the judiciary, decision makers, senior managers and other stakeholders.

Data driven training, created in partnership with industry professionals and subject matter experts.

Compiled with lived experience from firearms licencing managers

Customisable learning pathways which whilst covering the whole course, allow the program to fit the individual and their learning profile- a self paced classroom.

Ongoing support for continued professional development. With resources covering the very basics to the minutiae of the law.

Course description

This course has been put together by a group of subject matter experts and is based on the legislation, the learning standards set by the College of Policing and lived experience from FEOs, licensing managers and members of the public. As such, our course covers a wide breadth of material that will, no matter where you are in your career, provide or reinforce a solid foundation to your everyday processes, decision making and risk management.

We understand everyone learns in different ways, so this course includes a variety of formats, multiple choice questions, mini lectures, audio and video interviews, and articles. There is opportunity for discussion through the forum, which we hope you will participate in, and, in doing so, support each other’s learning.

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